Must See Places In Palmerston North

Challenge 2

We have about 80,000 people living here. Palmerston North is the 11th biggest city in New Zealand. It is a great place to live!!!

If you visit Palmerston North here are some places you might want to visit:

You might want to visit the Plaza because it has lots of cool as shops to go to. It is a great place to go.¬†You might also want to go to see the Wind¬†Turbines because they look really cool and you get a good birds eye view of Palmerston North. You might also want to go and see a movie at the Cinemas we have some cool movies. You can visit the Sqaure it has a cool clock tower and at night time the clock tower glows all sorts of colours and you can see the ducks or just go for a stroll. You can visit Te Manawa and look at all the cool art displays. Don’t forget to go to the Manawatu river and see our cool river.

Palmerston North is a great place to live and is a green city. Hope you come and visit Palmerston North.


3 thoughts on “Must See Places In Palmerston North

  1. Hi Madeline,

    What kinds of things does Palmerston North do to make it a “green city”?

    Mrs. B.

  2. Hi again! I love Palmerston North, I don’t live there but I do go there a lot! Down here in the Wellington region (Kapiti Coast, you can edit this bit out if you think it’s giving out too much info) it is real cool. In Wellington I love the Zoo, Te Papa (museum) The Dotty museum (which I don’t know where it went off to) The Micheal Fowler’s centre where we do our chior concerts, The Opera House (where celebs like Gin sometimes perfom) and loads more! In Kapiti I like the Krumbs cafe where the pancakes and ice cream are the best, the library, the cool beach, Marine Gardens park which has a mini train, Raumati Pools, Coastlands shopping mall, and loads more! Well, I have to go!
    Simone xo ♥ ♦ ♥

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